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The Coraldene Construction Group is committed to excellence, respect and integrity in all aspects of our operations. We will deliver to our clients a comprehensive package of construction services with efficiencies in communication, time and money while building our own company through customer satisfaction.

  Director, Paul Blood's 'hands on approach' and wide trade knowledge base guarantees projects are effectively managed. Developers state that they are assured by the fact Paul is on site to direct the building venture. Paul is an extremely good communicator and builds positive working relationships with everyone involved in the building process from the client to the entire workforce. This is the linchpin to every Coraldene construction project being successful.
Coraldene Company Profile

Coraldene Pty Ltd was founded in 1991 on its director's extensive practical experience in the construction industry. Director, Paul Blood is a master of many trades being a qualified plumber, drainer, gas fitter as well as a registered builder.

Effective project management is the linchpin to every successful development and Coraldene's approach to the task is driven by delivering efficiencies in time and money without sacrificing quality.

Coraldene Company Profile
Coraldene Company Profile

Our 'hands on approach' coupled with knowledge and qualifications across the broad range of construction trades enables us to efficiently schedule and monitor the work of sub-contractors and employees. This means we can use the crossover of trades to ensure the delivery of a high quality product on time and budget.

The Coraldene Construction Group takes total control of your construction project ensuring the stress free formation of your plans. So if you need to build it, Coraldene will bring your project to fruition.